Handicraft is a work carried out by hands, but what is really happening today when there are screens between “it” and “me”? A couple years ago, the darkroom copyist carried the work in his hands, and he brought forth the story with his own fingers. Today, the keyboard clothes the photograph with color and contrast, and this is expected to be done at a ferocious speed. Dare to take not only these strategic steps. For it is still the eye that sees, and the human that spreads an attunement on the surfaces. Digital photo without a worthy treatment is like the emperor with his new clothes, a little naked.

Image processing entails producing a picture from another picture. This is often done in order to make the quality and the story clearer and more alive. But image processing is not a new invention; look at how Isis and Horus became the Madonna and Child, or how the sculptures and depictions of Akhenaten were destroyed or recarved in order to erase him from history. Or how El Greco’s long limbs manage to capture something beyond reality. With the first shoot we agreed that photography did not lie, and that it only could serve as documentation. But it did not take long before knowledge and imagination wished to use the photographical realism to create other truths. In order to create thingliness, supernaturalness and perfection.

An insatiable wonder and awe in the face of reality has been with us since the beginning; there are no final answers. How can we show what is not firm? These are things we wonder about here on Åsögatan 148, where we, in our work with different visual worlds, travel, and takes us out on many a fascinating journey.