We tell stories from our very beginning, on cave walls, around the camp fire, at bedtime; they are told by mothers and fathers, in villages and cities, by your best friend, by three wise men and by photographers – they unite, amaze, haunt and enchant us as authors. 32 000 years has passed since the cavemen at Chauvet cave painted their horses. By now, the voice has changed but not our need for sharing stories; they bind us together.

Our work studio is dedicated to the narrative art of photography and we shall not forget how the saga came forth, how the world one day could be seized in a moment. For if you do not know how history unfolds, you are stuck in it. In our engagement with the unique work, our retouchers use both traditional and unconventional methods: combining digital and analogue techniques we want to take care of the pixels and let them live as silver grain live. Let our work studio then be thus, alive.